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Al-Safr was founded by group of Muslims in 840 (AD) living in Baghdad led by a Muslim Scholar called Mahmud ibn al-Faraj al-Nayshapuri. The ‘Alsafroon’ as they called themselves were Quranists, who came from the Mu’tazili school of thinking.  Once the Abbasid emperors published the Hadith and started using Mawlawis to control the practices of religion, the Al-Safr were persecuted by the growing power of the Mawlawis, as they believed the hadith’s to be bogus and disputable and lacking in authority.   They believed that the growing body of doctrine being adopted in the Sharia was against the spirit of Islam, and was the influence of dark Satanic forces as revealed to Mahmud in the message.

The Al-Safr were ‘Muslims against the sharia’; they did not believe that Islam allowed for any individual or group of individuals to act as an intermediary between a Muslim and Allah.  They believed that any practice of sharia was a blasphemy against Allah.

During his persecution Mahmud claimed that he had heard the voice of the Angel Gabriel sent down by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), urging him to avoid the ‘devil in their midst’.  This made his life very difficult, and Mawlawis said he was claiming prophet-hood.  He was not, he believed that Islam was being perverted by the newly formed Mawlawis.  Mahmud began to label the Mawlawis and the Ulema as ‘The Blasphemers’.  This was a real threat to the ‘emperors’ who were using the Mawlawis and the hadith as a way of regaining political control over a fragmenting empire.  Mahmud was murdered by the emperor Al-Mutawakkil at the request of a group of Mawlawis.  The Al-Safr believe that the philoophy of Mahmud to be true today.

Historically it is argued that this period of Islamic history was the start of the decline of the Islamic world.   And as happened to Christianity; the dark side began to gain control of Islam.  The devil started to come in their midst.

The Al-Safr community dispersed (ran) from Baghdad, most of it was destroyed, however some escaped north and settled in Bukhara, others moved to Spain.  From Bukhara many of them travelled around the world after the conquest by the Mongols.  Its adherents are now found all around the world. 

This website has been put together to give their ideas and philosophy some visibility, as their ideas are so relevant to the challenge Islam is facing today.

We need to decide which Islam we want to follow, promote and support.  Please come and join the Al-Safr.

The Blasphemy of Sharia


No Man can know Allah’s will and intent.  That is the message of the Quran.  Only HE is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing.  Our purpose in life is to live life according to HIS message, as best we interpret it, but if we fail, HE will judge us on Judgement day.

Our life is a journey, it is a 'pact' Adam made with Allah, that he would follow the righteous path.  But it is only for Allah to judge, for Allah is merciful and forgiving.  Only he can decide.

For any Man to stand on this Earth and say he knows Allah’s will, to say he knows Allah’s intent is a Blasphemy.  Any persons, who stand on judgement on others in the name of Allah or the Prophet are Blasphemers and have gone over to the dark side.  Allah has decreed no priests, clergy, popes, ayatollahs to sit on judgement on others on HIS behalf.  No Man can be punished in the name of Allah by any other Man.  That is a Blasphemy

Man can only live collectively by laws established by man, not by Allah, as they know not Allah’s will and intent.  They can only live individually through their independent interpretation of the Quran  (Ijtihad).

For each Man or Woman, the journey is and must be unique, for that is the what Allah wants.  No other man or woman can stand between you and your Allah.

For any state, nation, or organisation to create a ‘sharia court’ in the name of Allah is a Blasphemy.  That a group of people can believe they know Allah’s will is a Blasphemy.  That they can pretend to know, whether Allah would punish or forgive is a Blasphemy.  That they should think that they can see inside the soul of another person and measure their intent, is a Blasphemy.  Truly they shall be punished for no court, priesthood or supreme leader was ordained by the Quran; and none should exist in the name of Allah.

Mankind’s actions on earth must be their own decisions, their own choices, without that there is no need for heaven or hell, no need for judgement, no need to seek Allah’s mercy or forgiveness.  Allah is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, otherwise he would have dictated life for Mankind as he does with other animals, not given free choice as he did.

Muslims, eliminate the Devil from your Midst stand up against the Sharia. Join Al Safr

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